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Well Drilling and Pump Service

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Learn a few things before you get a well

You might think it's rather simple, that we just dig a hole, attach a pump, and you start getting water from the ground for free instead of from a local water company. It's not that simple.

A well is a hole bored in the ground with a casing that lines the upper part. The casing prevents the well from collapsing and prevents surface or subsurface contaminants from entering the water supply. The casing also creates a housing for a pumping mechanism and for the pipe that moves water from the pump to the surface.

What exactly is a drilled well?

Unfortunately, no because it depends on the water table in your area. Also, some areas have ground water that is of poor quality and should not be consumed. The best case scenario is to ask for an option to have a well drilled before having a home built or buying a property. Then you can test the water level and water quality. If a well is important but the water is not sufficient, then you can find a new location.

Can all locations have a well?

Before contracting to have a well drilled, you need to calculate your average needed water usage. That will be a combination of the following:


Everyday use - including cooking, showering, and laundry

Seasonal use - including watering lawns and filling a pool

Special use - including animal and crop watering

Fire protection - this can be determined by local fire dept.

How much water I will need?

Yes, that is why there are regulations that wells must be at least a certain number of feet away from things that can contaminate a well.  For example:


Approved Septic / Sewer line - 10ft

Ponds, lakes, and streams - 25ft

Septic Tank - 50 ft

Septic field - 75ft

Are wells affected by what is nearby?

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